Walkin Closet 1st Anniversary!

Walkin Closet would like to share the celebration of its 1st anniversary! and check out the limited edition projects by Lauren Moshi and CYKAS.

                                                          Walkin Closet treats:)
                                      Lovely  Leen Welcoming Walkin Closet shoppers
                                           Limited edition tshirt from Lauren Moshi
                                                 CYKAS limited edition turban

                                                Get your free gift for any purchase:)

                                                   ***All images belong to Walkin Closet***

and don't forget to visit Walkin Closet Boutique


  1. I loved Lauren Moshi t-shirts can I get the prices and if its available now or not?

  2. Hey gorgeous! yes they're still available and plz check ur email or more details:)


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