Lady Fozaza Special Edition!

A Special Edition Collection for all my Women of POWER from Mothers, to sisters, to Wives to working women.. we all carry so much on our shoulders and while we carry the world, we carry what represents us first and foremost "our femininity" with a twist in our signature BOLD shoulders that are a reminder of our worth! wear this with PRIDE ♥ and show yourself off! you're worth it ♥ 


Wild Night


  1. we do have blooms in medium and large, and venus in medium.

  2. Are the blazers blooms and venus the only ones you have from Fozaza's designs? Btw, love your blog!

  3. Yes we only have Blooms and Venus; will definitely receive more. stay tuned with our tweets to know when we get any!:)

    Thank you love and you should check the website as well

  4. Are they still available ? and for how much ??

  5. nope! we're getting new collection for valentine


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