Red Line Addicts

Red Line jewelry has alway been the best seller at Walkin Closet. The brand is found in Paris by Laetitia who gratuated from Créapole, a famous design & marketing school in Paris. Her master project was a marketing plan for a fictive jewellery collection, called Redline.

The reactions to her master’s project were such so positive that she decides to make her dream come true so she started designing her own collections of jewels  and gives birth to her own luxury brand, named Redline.

In 2006-2007, Laetitia innovates its range by launching new creations always such refined and purified. The collection Sweety, Sacré, Infinitie are created and achieve a great success.

The redline string protect and bring luck in several different religions and countries.

 Red Line Jewelery is exclusively sold at Walkin Closet, for more information please contact