We are really excited to share our new face of Walkin Closet! When we say “New Face” we mean in store and online!
In this first post of 2020 ( 10th birthday..almost ) we would like to thank everyone who believed in us, who was part of our successful journey in fashion retail and who gave us a hand in building each block of our identity today!
Walkin Closet was found in June 10, 2010 by our founder and managing director Laden A. Alabdulrazzaq who was just graduated from University and ready to experience retail world by opening her first store located in the hear of K-Town.
Walkin Closet presented many significant local and international brands who added a lot of value to our name today! Since opening we have always believed in engagement and sharing! Facebook was our first channel to appear in along with twitter and blogspot. Yes we are back on blogging and sharing because we believe sharing is always caring and we do care to keep everyone involved in our  fashion circle.
Through this blog we will be taking you through our insights.. you will be having full access on our team, office , vendors, and trips
and more!!!
Walkin Closet Team