Walkin Closet's Turnaround for Covid-19

Let's talk business and get to the point!

Turnaround strategy is a must for every business it is a proactive program you should consider in your business plan; but never too late if you don't have any at the moment.

What is Turnaround? And how to apply it?

"It is widely believed that business turnaround is a short term action designed to ease short term financial difficulty"

It is a plan that you follow when you face financial disaster because of your company's poor performance for any sudden reason. So it applies on the uncertainty we are in now.

First of all you need to acknowledge the problem, create a solution and implement. There is no wrong and right it's about trail and error so once you try something and didn't work try to develop what you made and re-apply.

As for Walkin Closet we were forced to close the showroom but we are fortunate enough to operate from office; we picked up our business from the online store. Having different categories from clothes, home accessories and small gifts have saved us a lot to adapt and redirect our best seller items from clothes to home accessories. 

At the moment we applied "Work from Home Policy" because of the 24 hours locked down; You can still shop online and get it delivered after May 30.

Our best seller is Baci Milano