When will you ever have time like this?

While planning to post about the current uncertainty we were wondering what vibes we need to convey to whoever is reading our post.

The first week of the quarantine was a struggle because we've been forced and shifted to a situation that was never on our mind or agenda; as a small business we are not capable of risk management its just not one of our resources; as a retail company we concentrate on merchandise and plans of how to sell them. The sudden shake was a huge and has disturbed the plan of 2020.

The second week was a recap of the first week; what have we achieved? what is next? what is the unknown we're facing?
We realized that we need to be more realistic and we need to come up with a new plan for 3-6 months from now and we did.

Things you need to consider as a small business:

Tip: To be able to achieve the below 12 points you need to consider your personal health and then your business health. And by the way when you will ever have a plenty time as what you're having now?

For your personal health:
1- Establish a routine.
2- Get physical exercise; we are on Lose | Gain free programs check their IG out.
3- Stay social even from home! Technology is key just use Skype, Zoom or House Party.
4- Don't mess up your sleep schedule; remember you have a routine and work to do from home.
5- Try to achieve your 10K steps.
6- You are what you eat! have clean food; try.

On your business level; we think you need to accept the idea of not having any profit for this year! Just switch your plans to a survival plan.

1- Be positive and don't complain! everyone is suffering:)
2- Run your 3 months and 6 months scenarios including your OH costs.
3- Develop your staff skills; share things to read and watch and have them discussed later.
4- Be connected with your team ALWAYS.
5- Work on your online sales; it's time to make the best of it.
6- Take online courses to enhance your management and sales skills.

See you soon!